Regardless of your activity level, it’s inevitable that you will experience an injury at some point. From lower back and shoulder pain and everything in between, massage therapy can help you heal quicker by breaking down the scar tissue and improving circulation. King David Therapy outlines common injuries that can benefit from massage therapy below.

Repetitive Strain Injury & Other Injuries Massage Can Help With?

  1.  A repetitive strain injury is one of the most common injuries, primarily if you work in an environment where you repeat the same task, such as typing. Just as the name implies, repetitive strain injury is best described as overworking certain body parts, for example, the soft tissue in your hands, neck, shoulders, back, and arms. Common signs of repetitive strain injury include tingling and numbness. You can minimize your risk by taking regular breaks and scheduling an appointment with your massage therapist.
  2. Lower back pain is one of the most common complaints, especially if you work in an environment where you spend your day sitting in a chair. Sitting for long periods puts pressure on your spine and back muscles, especially if you slouch. You can avoid lower back pain by using an ergonomic chair and improving your posture. If you suffer from back pain, Your massage therapist can provide relief.
  3. Soft tissue injuries include muscle and ligament strains, injuries to the tendons, and injuries to the connective tissue around the muscles (myofascial tissue). If you play sports, exercise, or perform any other type of physical activity and you sustain a soft tissue injury, you should seek the advice of your medical professional. Your massage therapist may also recommend indirect massage to the areas surrounding the injury to help you heal faster.
  4. Muscle-related neck pain can be caused by several things, including poor posture, constant strain, sports injuries, and even sleeping in the wrong position. Neck pain can be deliberating and affect your daily life. Deep tissue massage performed by your massage therapist effectively treats neck pain and provides relief.
  5. Muscle-related knee pain can be treated with massage therapy. Several joints and muscles connect your knee; you may experience pain around the knee joint and even between the kneecap and thigh bone. Your massage therapist will examine the affected area and advice you on the best type of massage therapy for your injury.
  6. Tennis elbow is caused by repeatedly bending your wrist backward. You don’t have to play tennis to sustain tennis elbow; if you type on the computer for long periods, you could experience tennis elbow. Ice therapy, compression, and elevation of the affected area will help reduce swelling and inflammation. For long-term relief, a combination of massage therapy, pain management, and physical therapy can help improve your range of motion and help you recover faster.

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We use our bodies to perform everyday activities, so injury, strain, and muscle pain are common complaints, especially as we age. Massage therapy can help you recover and heal quickly and even prevent the injury from returning. To learn more about massage therapy and to schedule an appointment, contact the professionals at King David Therapy today.

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